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Goldie Gotta Gun

Goldie is an eye catching palomino. With her two blue eyes and boxy build, she has been known as a Polly Pocket horse at the ranch. Her more "whoa than go" style makes her safe! She's a finished arena horse, loves obstacles, but loves to be outside of the arena as well. You can take her out on the trails by yourself or with a friend and her energy never changes. She'll do the exact gate you want- long trot, jog trot or lope and will stop and walk as soon as you tell her. Her energy never builds! Goldie loves to be doted on and has been hauled for the last two years doing Mounted Shooting events. That means she's seen all the sights and sounds and is ready for her next adventure with you.
Email Jolee Combs at or call 541-519-1016 for more information.