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Two ID Jet Mac

 Currently running at Ladies Level 5. We have owned him for 10 years. He has been hauled all over the United States multiple times. Took my husband from a Level 2 to a Level 6. Took me from a L3 to L5. He's in the best shape of his life - never taken a bad step. Runs or walks in whatever you put him in. 100% sound - never had a single issue in 10 years we owned him. Runs barefoot, easy keeper, always the 1st one to the feed pan; loads, baths , farrier doesn't have to even hold him. He 's known for his quick feet, changes leads on the fly, wraps a barrel - he will go any direction you point him to. He's my heart horse of my life but I just don't ride him much anymore other than an occasional rifle or shotgun run. Thor deserves to bring someone else the joy he has given me. The last 3 months a ladies 3 has been extremely competitive on him running overall lady times in Iowa. Men's 4 jumped on him couple weeks ago and didn't miss a single balloon. taking men's reserve. Contact Sheila Ross at or 641-344-6990 for more info.